Review: Born Pretty Store Map Water Decals

I'd never used nail wraps, stickers or decals of any description before now, so when Born Pretty Store sent me these faded-map style water decals I was intrigued! Let's take a closer look...

The decals come on a backing sheet, and are approximately 6cm x 4cm. I have to admit, when I first saw the size I didn't think there would be enough of the decal for both hands, but I'm happy to report back that (for short-medium length nails), there was plenty of the design.

The instructions provided advise for the decals to be applied over a base polish; I used Sinful Colors Easy Going. Application is similar to the kind of temporary tattoos everybody tried at least once as a kid - anyone else remember those?!

To apply, I cut a rectangle per nail, then used tweezers to dip in cold water. The decal then slides easily off the backing material, and can be transferred and smoothed onto the nail. My nails are fairly curved, but the decals were easily manipulated to get rid of any wrinkles. I also topped everything off with Seche Vite to make everything even smoother.

I can spend ages pouring over different maps, so this design is really perfect for me! I believe the commentary about each country is about their football/soccer standing, which I can't quite relate to as much, but that's offset by the lovely pastel colour scheme!

TL;DR These water decals are of a high quality, come in a range of pretty rad patterns, and are easy to apply, even if you're a newbie to decals like me!

Born Pretty Store Vintage Map Water Decals in Pattern #QQ-35 are available internationally from the Born Pretty Store site. For 10% off any order you make, don't forget to use my coupon code 'PCBQ10' at checkout!


  1. Your comment about maps AND football? Me, precisely. So I need to order those, because I loooove me some maps.

    Wasn't it difficult though to cut the perfect shape and size for the nail?

    1. I experimented a little with the best way to apply the decals, and found that (for me) there were two effective ways:
      1) Cut a rectangle piece, dip in water, place on nail, etc. then clean up around the edges with an acetone-based remover;
      2) Use nail clippers and scissors to cut my exact nail shape before applying with water.

      Either way worked for me, and I used a mixture of techniques in the pictures above. As the decals do dissolve in acetone, the quickest way is probably (1) as I got smoother edges that way, but it really comes down to whatever you find easiest!