31DC2013 2.0: Recreate Nail Art You Love

I'm not really sure where this year's disappeared off to, but today's December 1st?! I did make a promise to myself to finish off the 31DC today, and so here we are. I decided to interpret this prompt by incorporating some of my very favourite nail art elements into a single design.

First off is colour palette. I have an undying appreciation for off-white polishes, and OPI My Vampire Is Buff is no exception. Pair it with sage green and rosy pink, and I'm in heaven. Here, I've used with Essie Da Bush, China Glaze Something Sweet, Essie In Stitches, and Revlon Cherries In The Snow.

It's certainly no secret that I love floral prints, or that I enjoy working with striping tape. Rose prints may be pretty generic, but they're my absolute favourites to paint! To spruce things up a little, I added a few square gold studs.

Ah, so many of my favourite things in one place! It's hardly the most seasonally appropriate design, but I've had a bunch of festive ideas I'm hoping to get painted in the run-up to Christmas, so consider this a farewell to all things not-Christmas!

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