31DC2013: Water Marble

With water marbling, there are two possible outcomes. It can either be neat, intricate and super awesome, or it can be a hot mess. I can safely say that these nails are the latter! 
I was aiming for the traditional flower pattern, but after numerous attempts that plan fell through. Everything that can possibly go wrong with a marble happened: my polish wouldn't spread, the design would dry up, it bubbled, my cuticles flooded.

Finally, I decided to draw random patterns and dunk my nails to create something inspired by actual marble. I used Color Club Worth The Risqué, Essie Butler Please, and a-England Tristam.

I can't say that I'm particularly thrilled with the outcome here, but the holo's lifting my mood a little! If it hadn't bubbled, I could probably have been a little more supportive, but c'est la vie.

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