31DC2013: Inspired by a Song

Nothing was striking me as particularly inspiring for today's prompt, so I popped my iPod on shuffle until I hit a song with lyrics that could be translated into nail art. Today, that just so happened to be Fall Out Boy's From Now On We Are Enemies.
I knew I wanted to include a crown and musical notation straight away. The skull and the Fueled By Ramen logo came to me a little later after staring at the Believers Never Die cd, but I think they all go together in a weird sort of way!

I used Barry M Matt White as my base on each nail. Since I couldn't open the bottle on my regular black polish, I used Essie Stylenomics as a substitute. To create the crown, I outlined a silhouette with Barry M Gold Foil which I filled in with OPI Honey Ryder. I wanted my skull to be pretty bone-like, so I mixed OPI My Vampire Is Buff with a little of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons.

This probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense to anybody unfamiliar to the song, but I'm kinda digging how all the different elements collide. I really love how the slight texture to the crown gives it a little realism without being too excessive!

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