31DC2013: Yellow Nails

Evening all! I'ma do what I do best and start this post off with an apology; I've just changed up my lighting setup completely, so my pictures will be a little more inconsistent than normal whilst I try to figure it out.

I love wearing yellow polish, even though it doesn't generally suit me and the formulas can be horrific. This time around, the first thing that popped into my head for this prompt was cheese. More specifically, swiss cheese, so I just had to roll with it!

I started with a base of OPI Glints Of Glinda, then mixed OPI The 'It' Color with Essie Blanc. For the cheese holes (is there a technical name for that?!), I used China Glaze Kalahari Kiss.

The focus is more than a little out on these pictures, but I think the design itself is pretty stinking cute! A little mouse on the accent finger would be cute, but I'm not sure how successful freehanding one would be.

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