31DC2013: Stripes / Born Pretty Store Review (2/2)

It turns out my planned catch-up of the 31 Day Challenge didn't happen in the end, but I'm psyched up to not fall behind again this week! Let's see how long I can make it...

Anyway, I figured I'd kill two birds in one stone for this prompt; I had Part 2 of my Born Pretty Store review pending, and I needed to create a striped look. Why not go for snakeskin-inspired glitter stripes?

I used OPI Glints of Glinda as my base, then used a small paintbrush and clear polish to adhere all the glitter pieces to my nails. At this stage it wasn't the smoothest, so I added a couple of generous coats of topcoat.

I used this set of diamond glitter pieces from Born Pretty Store to create this look. Overall, I found that this collection of 12 shades gives a nice variety of colour, and the little pots are packed with glitter! 

My only qualm is that the glitter isn't particularly solvent resistant, so you really have to glide the topcoat over the nail to avoid colour drag. Aside from that issue, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the set!

Glitter placement manis like this can look a little daunting (and hella shiny) but I actually find it all pretty therapeutic - I really get into the zone! Next time, I would make sure to use a more solid base colour though, since the edges look a little rough like this.

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