31DC2013: Rainbow Nails

I was a little stuck as to what to paint for today's prompt, but, luckily, my sister stepped in and suggested a floral ombre. Roses are one of my favourite floral designs to paint, so I went ahead to paint some rainbow roses! 

Please excuse the awkward hand posing - it's so difficult to include a decent thumb shot! I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff for my base and Essie Mojito Madness for the leaves. I chose one pastel and one bright colour for each set of roses for contrast:
-China Glaze Something Sweet
-China Glaze Adventure Red-y
-Barry M Peach Melba
-Zoya Arizona
-Revlon Electric
-OPI The 'It' Color
-China Glaze Def Defying
-China Glaze GaGa For Green
-Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream
-Barry M Cyan Blue
-Rimmel Ultra Violet
-Barry M Indigo

I'd say my favourite colour combinations going on here would have to be the pink/red and blue/violet nails, but I love the way the rainbow flows across all the nails without being too overwhelming. All in all, I'm pretty happy!

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