31DC2013: Orange Nails

I don't wear orange polish particularly often, but when I do feel the urge Essie Meet Me At Sunset is one of my top picks. I'm not really sure what happened with the exposure of this photos, since I look like the whitest person ever and my nails look red, but I swear it's actually orange!

One of my most well-received posts of all time was of this pansy pattern, so I figured I'd invert the colours for it's remake.

After painting MMAS, I added the petals using Barry M Indigo and a large dotting tool. I then added a centre of Revlon Electric before adding black lines using Sinful Colors Black On Black and my detailing brush.

This is a bold design to say the least; my eyes keep gravitating towards my hands whilst typing this post! It's also incredibly shiny/reflective, so much so that you can see my camera and some trees on most nails.


  1. Thank you! It's one of my favourites from the 'pre-nail art tools' era!

  2. This is GORGEOUS! Love these colors together