31DC2013: Gradient

Since going back to school, I feel like I'm slowly getting behind on this challenge. I might just be able to catch up by the weekend though - fingers crossed! 

Today's theme for me was all about simplicity. I've been wanting to create a gradient with these a-England shades for the longest time, and I think they balance each other really nicely.

I used a-England Dragon and a-England Tristam to create this look. My preferred gradient technique is to paint both polishes directly onto a cosmetic sponge before sponging on several layers. I find that this way I can rely on topcoat to do most of the blending for me!

I considered leaving this gradient alone, but after deciding it looked too plain, I added a few studs to pull everything together.

This is one of the more simple designs I've done in a while, but palette cleansers like this are always somewhat refreshing. We're moving into my least favourite section of the challenge now (patterns), but the 'inspired by...' section is on the other side of the tunnel!

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