31DC2013: Floral Print

Evening! This post is a little later than I'd usually like, but I'm determined not to get any more behind with this challenge.

I can slip into the habit of recreating the same florals over and over, so after some extensive googling I found inspiration in the form of this hydrangea print.

In an attempt to get the colours vaguely accurate, I had to mix a fair few together. I started off with China Glaze GaGa For Green, before adding the white flower clusters with a mix of Barry M Matt White and Illamasqua Load

For the chartreuse clusters, I mixed Revlon Electric, Barry M Key Lime and white. I then went back adding darker flowers to create highlights; OPI My Vampire Is Buff for the white bunches, custom mixes for the green. The grey centres of the flowers are Rimmel Grey Matter.

Whilst this hasn't been my favourite outcome from the challenge so far, it's still pretty cute. Next time, I'll have to make sure to get all the petals/flowers into distinct shapes!

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