31DC2013: Animal Print

I'm not really one for animal print, so I had to think a little more out of the box for this prompt. Wolves are probably my all time favourite animals, so I figured I'd create a little something as a little nod to that!

I used a whole bunch of neutral polishes to create the fur. I'm pretty sure OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls was the base though! To make it look as natural as possible, I used a near-dry striper brush with each different colour. I used Barry M Matt White, Rimmel Grey Matter, China Glaze Elephant Walk, Sinful Colors Black On Black, and China Glaze Mahogany Magic.

I used a similar technique with the wolf's face, but made sure to concentrate colours in certain areas instead of evenly dispersing them. To create the amber eyes I mix a custom shade of China Glaze Mahogany Magic, China Glaze Desert Sun, and OPI The 'It' Color.

I really liked how these layers all looked, but I wanted to fade them a little with a layer of a sheer grey jelly, OPI My Pointe Exactly. In some pictures, you can also see what this looked like mattified (using Essie Matte About You)!

Realistic freehand painting is something I really want to improve upon, but I'm really happy with it here! Over time I'm definitely hoping to improve further, but targets are good!


  1. I think I said so somewhere else already but AMAZING. I so wouldn't have the guts to try something like this but I think you did a truly fantastic job.

    1. Thank you so much! I just had an idea of what I wanted in my head and messed around until I had something similar!

  2. Ah you did such an awesome job! You are definitely the freehand queen.

  3. You say the nicest things, thank you! I wouldn't quite go far, but I definitely feel like I've been improving!