Saturday Swatch Spam #1

In the last couple of months I've been buying a fair few polishes (both indie and mainstream), but I don't believe I've shown them on here before. Since I love reading posts like this one, I put this one together, tentatively marked with a #1 in case this happens again!

Topshop Junkyard. I don't believe this shade is available any longer since it was part of a collaboration, which is a shame since it's so pretty! There are three different sizes of holographic cyan hexagons in this polish, giving it a slight splatter effect. This can be built up to opacity, but I prefer to layer it as the blue jelly base is quite sheer. Shown is one coat over China Glaze Man Hunt.

Pretty and Polished King of C-C-Cool. I snapped up a few polishes from P&P's Mathematical! collection earlier this year, but this Ice King inspired polish is definitely my favourite of the bunch. A surprisingly complex polish, white diamonds, varying sizes of blue and yellow hexagons, and tiny red glitter all sit in a blue crelly base with a slight silver shimmer to it. This can be layered or worn on it's own for additional depth. Shown is three coats alone. 

Lush Lacquer Clowning Around. Neon glitter toppers are something the ladies at Lush Lacquer do the best, and Clowning Around is no exception. A whole variety of different sizes and colours of matte neon glitter are in here, but the most predominant shades are pink, orange and chartreuse. Shown is one coat over Barry M Key Lime.

Pretty and Polished I'm Not A Banana. Again, this polish is part of the Mathematical! collection as it's inspired by Jake the Dog. The yellow jelly base is the perfect match for Jake's fur, and the black and white matte hexes scattered throughout it are reminiscent of his eyes. This can be worn alone if you're willing to have a VNL, but it also works really well over shades such as OPI The 'It' Color. Shown is three coats alone.

Pretty and Polished Vampire Sing-A-Long. This Marceline-inspired glitter topper is the final polish I own from the Mathematical! collection. My obsession with circle glitter really makes this polish for me, as large matte black circles are distributed throughout the clear base. Additionally, there are matte white and purple hexes, small black bar glitter, and tiny red and purple hexes.

Zoya Godiva. This nude polish from Zoya's spring Pixie Dust line was actually my first textured polish. The formula's a little on the sheer side but can be easily built up to the sugary finish you see here. The texture develops quickly, as is akin to a mid-grit nail file. Shown is three coats.


  1. These are lovely swatches, Ellie. The Zoya Pixie Dusts (especially the new ones) really make me want to give the textured trend a go...but UK Zoya prices offend me, haha. Jealousy hits hard every time the US site has a promo!

    1. Thank you! I regularly have to fight off the urge to order all the Pixie Dusts from Amazon, but by my maths it'd cost at least £120 :O
      The day that Zoya becomes readily available over here'll definitely be a bad day for my bank balance!

    2. Haha oh my gosh, I know. They do sell them on Nail Polish Direct but they're not cheap! I've just picked up a couple of textured polishes from Seventeen and they are seriously gorgeous - I feel so much better about the Pixie Dust situation now haha.

    3. The only redeemable quality about buying Zoya from NPD is the free shipping! I may crack though - I have to get my hands on Chita and Dhara soon or bad things might happen.
      I didn't know that Seventeen had textured polishes out, so that might just have to do for me as well in the mean time!