31DC2013: Day 28 - Inspired by a Flag

I have a habit of slipping into a routine with my nail art, meaning that every so often things have to be shaken up. Recently I've been painting plenty of soft pastel patterns, so - as I always appreciate a nice bit of juxtaposition - today I went bright and bold with a more graphic mix'n'match design inspired by the Union Jack .

It'd been far too long since I'd last used striping tape, so I dug out a roll and did some extensive placement in order to recreate the flag itself. Even though it would have been a lot easier to freehand the flag, I dig the crisp lines tape always brings to a design.

For the lulz, an in-progress shot of the tape madness that was going on!
As per usual, Essie Blanc was the white base on all of my nails. On the flag accents, Zoya Blaze makes up the red elements of the flag, and a-England Tristam the blue. Since the weather's been so great recently, the conditions are perfect for holo polishes like these! 

On my middle finger, I used studs from Amazon (which sadly don't seem to be available anymore) because crazy stud accent nails are always cool. On my pinky and pointer, I placed tape randomly for a 'laser-cut' effect, again with Blaze and Tristam.

I'm really happy with the end result here; the colour palette is much simpler than others I've been using lately, and it's really refreshing to have a change in style. The studded accent was something that I added on a whim, but it pulls everything together really nicely! 

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