31DC2013: Day 25 - Inspired by Fashion

I was a little stuck as to what to paint for today's prompt since I don't particularly follow fashion, but I happened upon this [link] pattern (I believe it's from the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Original A/W13 collection) and knew I had to recreate it since I'm such a sucker for floral prints!

Predictably, OPI My Vampire Is Buff is the base here - I think I have an addiction! The petals were freehanded on with a cut-down detail brush using a combination of Sinful Colors Easy Going, Essie In Stitches, Rimmel Rose Libertine, and Revlon Cherries In The Snow. In the centres of the flowers I added Revlon Sassy (with Illamasqua Load and Essie Blanc as mix-ins) for additional detail.

I then wanted to see what the design looked like mattified (using Essie Matte About You):

The jacket that I was inspired by had contrasting deep green lapels, and I did trial out adding half moons to bring in that aspect of the design but I've since discovered that I can't freehand half moons! I love how this pattern is both dainty and graphic at the same time; whilst the colour palette is mostly soft and pastel, the darker pinks and lime greens lend a subtle kick and boldness to the design.

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