31DC2013: Day 22 - Inspired by a Song

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really sticking to the prompt here; I was actually inspired by the cover art of an album instead of a singular song, and even then it's a pretty loose interpretation. The album in question is Patrick Stump's Soul Punk, and whilst I've only just re-discovered it, I'm really digging it! 

For reference, here's what the album artwork looks like:
Image source
I was inspired by the juxtaposition of the bright yellow lines against the dark background. To recreate this look, I taped off areas using striping tape (I doubled it up for the thicker lines), then stippled polish on top using the bottle brush. The yellow base is Revlon Electric - my love for that polish has been rekindled! - with China Glaze Sea Spray, Barry M Indigo, China Glaze Man Hunt, Essie Aruba Blue, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Revlon Cherries In The Snow, and Zoya Arizona layered on top.

This didn't turn out quite as nicely as I'd hoped it to, but I still like the contrast of the two different colour families. Either way, I'm definitely besotted with the base polish here, so much so that there's even some bonus swatch action going on here, which is rare for me!
A swatch whilst holding a bottle - am I a real blogger now?!
Revlon Electric. I'd describe this as a warm-toned yellow creme with subtle golden shimmer that dries with a semi-matte finish. The formula's definitely on the thicker side, but the polish isn't particularly streaky given that it's a yellow! Shown is three coats, with topcoat.


  1. Ha! I love how you interpreted the cover into nail art! You did such a good job - I wouldn't have thought of that. Love the geometric shapes.

    1. Thank you! Anything that brings tape into the equation is an instant win for me.