31DC2013: Day 21 - Inspired by a Colour

The meaning for today's prompt is pretty open to interpretation, but the general consensus seems to be that it means 'inspired by a nail polish colour/name'. I went for this as opposed to being inspired by colours of the rainbow etc. thinking that this would be an easy option. Boy, was I wrong!

Picking a polish to be inspired by was the key issue here. I went through every single polish in my stash trying to find something inspiring. I debated over peeing unicorns, shirtless vampires, and playful clowns (virtual cookies if you can guess the polish names!) before finally settling on light bulbs. The inspiration? Revlon Electric. This design was pretty freakin' easy as well, which is a big bonus! I used Essie Ballet Slippers for a more delicate base than a harsh white, then added the bulb shape using Electric. The screw(?) part was added with Barry M Silver Foil, with detail added using Rimmel Grey Matter. I then added the filament, which is OPI The 'It' Color.

I'm definitely a big fan of how these turned out, mainly because I love the way the soft, subtle base polish accents the bold yellows and silvers, but that could just be the exuberance over having finally picked a polish talking! 


  1. Haha! It would've been so funny to see a mani inspired by OPI My Vampire is Buff.

    Really love how this turned out though! Awesome color choices :)

    1. I was seriously considering a MVIB mani for a while, but finally decided it was a little too risqué! And thank you!