31DC2013: Day 11 - Polka Dots

This prompt couldn't have come at a better time for me; since it's exam season, I've been spending as much time as possible revising, meaning that right now, entire days are being dedicated to plant biology. Lovely. Unfortunately, this means I don't have a huge amount of time to spend on my nails (*sobs*), so it was just a quick dotticure for me today!

 I came across a pattern similar to this whilst browsing Shutterstock, and decided it was perfect for what I wanted: something quick, but with enough visual impact to not be boring. Instead of using a flat black for a base, I went with Color Club Revvvolution, a deep charcoal with a subtle holographic finish. Since it'd probably take me forever and a day to list all the polishes I used for the spots, I'll be skipping that this time! I can, however, tell you that I used three different dotting tools to alternate the sizes of the spots.

I think this took me about 10-15 minutes total, and I really love it for something so simple and fast! My favourite designs are usually the more detailed, time-consuming ones, but it's always great to find something slightly easier that looks pretty cool!


  1. That's the best part about anything that include a dotting tool - it seems like it's super easy and quick for something fun! Have you tried Color Club Beyond? That black holo? So good, I am in love.

    1. I never really give my dotting tools enough credit; they're perfect for easy, rushed manis! If the shipping costs weren't so crazy, I'd already own half the Halo Hues collections but alas, it seems nail polish companies hate the UK!