31 Day Challenge 2013: #31DC2013

Afternoon everyone! Whenever I’ve attempted the 31 Day Challenge in the past (here and here), it’s been spaced about six months apart. Since it’s been more or less six months since my last try, and I’ve been super uninspired recently, I’m going for it again! Feel free to join in if you would like, I’ll be using #31dc2013 for all my posts. Expect the first day tomorrow!

Instead of using the same graphic that I usually do, I spent unnecessarily large amounts some time in GIMP making a graphic that coordinated with my theme. I think I may have driven myself insane with all the different layers that there were, but I ended up really loving how it came out. An added bonus of this version is that I get to spell 'colour' with a 'u' - the American spelling really shouldn't annoy me as much as it does!

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