Stripy Nude Ombre

Hi guys! I know it's pretty late, and that I said that I'd be better about posting recently, but we're coming up to exam season right now so I'm existing in a permanent state of panic / procrastination. Combine that with a sudden lack of inspiration, and you've basically got to where I am nail art-wise. Luckily, my obsession appreciation for nude polishes inspired me to create this ombre striping tape mani.

I started off with a base of Barry M Matt White which I topped off with Seche Vite. Once this was completely dry, I taped off each nail with horizontal parallel pieces of striping tape. To create the 'ombre' effect, I used my skinniest striping brush to fill in the spaces between tape pieces. The darkest shade that I used was Rimmel Caramel Cupcake, and OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, OPI Glints of Glinda, and Barry M Lychee all made the transition down to OPI My Vampire Is Buff

In conclusion? I probably shouldn't own this many nudes. However, since it appears that I need to own nude polish to sustain my life force, I definitely still require more (Zoya Jacqueline, I'm looking at you). 


  1. Holy moly! I love the intricate lines and the different shades of nude too! Honestly, I am the same way with sheers and I don't think you can own enough. If it's your fave? DO IT! I love what you've done here.

    1. Thank you so much! You make a good point, so I'll gladly embrace my love for nude, even if it means that I have to own every version I can get my hands on!