Hex Nail Jewelry Review

Hi guys! Today I'll finally be showing you one of my nail charms from Hex Nail Jewelry (fun fact: every time I type jewelry instead of jewellery my laptop starts freaking out). I bought a couple of these a few weeks back, but being the procrastinator that I am, I'm only just trying them now.

I bought the unicorn charm, the fish bones charm, and this little crocodile number you see now. Obviously I wanted to incorporate them into a nail art look, but it took me a little while to come up with something I liked. I went for a blinged out crocodile scales look in the end, with some bonus holographic action!

 I used China Glaze Agro as a base on each nail, then applied the nail jewelry to my ring finger as Hex recommends: with a little dab of nail glue, no topcoat. Since apparently topcoat speeds up the removal of the gold plating (hell yeah, these babies are plated with 14k gold!) I decided to forego my precious Seche Vite this time around.
Oh hey, it's some bonus tipwear action for you! Guess who didn't wrap their tips properly...me!
However, as a consequence of not applying topcoat and my nails being super-curved, the charm did stick up quite prominently from the sides of my nails. I included a macro to show this properly, though I don't think people with less-curved nail plates would have this problem. 

 For the nail art, I swiped on a few blobs (technical term) of Topshop Hidden Treasure, then using my skinny striping brush (which is quickly becoming my favourite), I freehanded on some squiggly lines with the beautiful holographic a-england Dragon to make a more scaly effect. Then, just because there's no such thing as too much holo, I added a coat of Pretty & Polished Halo TC. I then finished everything up with some Seche Vite.
Overall, I really like how this turned out, and I can't wait to try out the rest of my Hex charms!