Who Needs Snow When You Have Striping Tape?

I'm on a bit of a quest to master the art of striping tape as well as abstract patterns in general, since I think that's probably one of my weakest areas. And yes, I am indeed the kind of person who analyses their own nail art. I'm a fun person, I swear!

 About halfway through doing these, I realised why I barely ever do tape manis: you basically waste 81% of your life cutting up all the pieces of tape, and then you still have to go through the process of placing them all. Anyway, I'll stop whining and get onto the polishes. The darker base is Essie Tart Deco, though I swear this is way brighter and pinker than I thought it was. From memory, I thought it was more of a muted coral that leaned more on the orange side, though evidently not. The lighter polish is Barry M Peach Melba. I liked how this mani turned out, especially the pinky's design, so expect a funked up rehashing of that sometime in the future!


  1. I discovered your blog through Melissa from Claw of Cthulhu in her Liebster Award posted this past Monday.

    I love your nail art!

    1. That's awesome! I've only just seen the post myself, but likewise!

  2. Super cute!! Great job!

  3. gorgeous! i love the colours you used!