L'Oreal Confettis & China Glaze Whirled Away

I, like many others, succumbed to the urge to buy L'Oreal Confettis as soon as it appeared on the UK shelves. I mean, come on, an indie-esque black and white glitter? I'll gladly take it. It didn't disappointed either, good glitter to base ratio, and no fishing required. Perfect. 

Moving onto China Glaze Whirled Away. Remember everything positive I said about Confettis? This is the complete opposite. 

With jumbo white hexes, large black hexes, and black bar glitter, this does sound to be a matte glitter lover's dream, but it's a complete nightmare to wear. I had to fish out every single white hex in the picture below which is unbelievably irritating. My dedication to the cause was the only thing that kept me going!

Whilst it did take a long time to place all the pieces of glitter, I do love the final effect it gives. I layered both glitter polishes over OPI Live and Let Die.

You can see the blue shimmer from Confettis in action on my ring finger, but that only really becomes visible under camera flash if the idea of blue shimmer doesn't appeal.

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